Acai Energy Drink 250ml by 28 BLACK

Acai Energy Drink 250ml by 28 BLACK

28 BLACK contains the extract of at least 28 açaí berries of organic origin per litre. Its longer-lasting energy is supported by isomaltulose, a naturally occurring, slow release sugar that’s low GI and doesn’t cause dental cavities. 100% natural. No taurine. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The day has 28 hours!

Ingredients: Water, sugar, isomaltulose*, açaí extract (minimum 4%), lemon juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, colouring concentrate from carrot, caffeine, guarana extract, herb extract (peppermint, sage, thyme), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, vitamin B12, natural flavouring.
* Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose.

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