Ball Bags - Vegan Protein Ball Mix 375g by GOODMIX SUPERFOODS

I'll be back Ball Bags - Vegan Protein Ball Mix 375g by GOODMIX SUPERFOODS

The eternal dilemma of the chocoholic health freak…I want to eat chocolate but I don’t want to eat junkfood. I’m pretty good with nearly every thing I eat, but my cravings sometimes (ok often) get the better of me!

Enter the goodMix ‘ballBag’ – all-natural, mostly organic, chocolate protein ball ‘base mix’, formulated by me, a health-freak yet total chocoholic from way back, who understands your need for chocolatey treats every day, and your other need to stay fit and healthy eating loads of good stuff, even in your little ‘indulgences’!

I know you are probably time-poor, and sick of scouring the net looking for that perfect recipe, spending heaps on ingredients, then trialling it (& breaking your food processor / blender in the process) only to be disappointed with the boring tasting result :(.

With a ballBag, the hard bits are done, so all you need to do is add coconut oil and one of the super-easy suggested flavour options, shape into balls and refrigerate or freeze. The balls are filling, nutritious & delicious, will keep for months & they will easily satisfy sweet cravings without derailing a healthy diet!

Ingredients: Organic pea protein, cashews*, dates, apricots*, almond meal, coconut*, raw cacao powder*, raw cacao nibs*, maca powder*.

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