Organic Sun Balm 120g by GREEN FOOT MAMA

I'll be back Organic Sun Balm 120g by GREEN FOOT MAMA

This delicious organic coconut, cacao and lavender sun balm is a protective SPF moisturiser AND soothing after sun treatment. Invented as a safe alternative, with no nasties. This formulation is NON CORAL REEF BLEACHING, so precious marine life and our oceans are nurtured whilst your skin is nourished and protected. Will not sting eyes.

What can I use this for?

  • deeply luxurious sun balm (before and after)
  • SPF15 moisturiser for face and body
  • Heat, sun and wind affected skin
  • skin rubbing caused by clothing and or wetsuits
  • Skin food barrier suitable for sensitive skins

How to Use:

For outdoor adventures: rub in hands and apply to body and face 20 mins prior to heading outdoors and then as required.

For sensitive skin: apply topically as required, including after a shower and leave overnight. Our bodies enter healing mode when we sleep, so you can relax and dream sweet dreams while your body and our Organic Sun work their wonderous magic together. Wake feeling nourished and nurtured. We highly recommend this for soothing sunburn.

As a replenishing skin food barrier: apply day and night to the body and face to assist the skin to protect and nourish. The cooling lavender and additional native botanicals assist in relaxing your body’s largest organ, whilst the raw cacao and natural zinc provide a much needed antioxidant boost. Apply directly to the skin that has experienced rubbing and chaffing for additional nourishment and support.

Additional Energetic Benefits:

Releases fears and promotes acceptance and trust within ourselves. Opens and balances the heart chakra. Invites us to face life with vitality and confidence, so we can embrace each day with the knowledge and comfort that we are blessed components of the infinite circle of life.

SPF 15 facts:

SPF 15 filters out 93% of incoming UVB rays

prevents skin burning by 15 times the length of time it usually takes for your skin to burn without the use of sunscreen.

ISO 244443 and 24444 compliant.

Contains ONLY: Coconut oil*, natural beeswax, unrefined shea butter*, nano-free uncoated natural mineral zinc oxide, raw cacao powder*, pure essential oils of roman chammomile, lavender and myrrh.
*certified organic

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