Zodiac Serenity Myst Libra 100ml by ESSENTIAL HEALTH

I'll be back Zodiac Serenity Myst Libra 100ml by ESSENTIAL HEALTH

Zodiac Myst – an alchemic blend of pure essential oils and vibrational flower essences to align your soul and uplift your Spirit, release stress and tension, nourish your senses to relax with inner serenity

. 100ml blue cobalt glass bottle body/room spray – environmentally conscious and pure

. 100% Natural Pure essential oils – to nurture and nourish your senses. Aromas to enhance relaxation, inner peace and serenity

. 100% Pure Flower Essences – for health, healing and transformation will help clear your chakras and align you with higher dimensions to uplift your Spirit.

. Mountain Water – from Crystal Twin Springs at Grail Haven, Mount Tambourine, Queensland, Australia.

. Artwork – vivid & bold expression of colour and energy by Mark Norval, Kimberley artist Norval Gallery

Choose the Constellation that your Sun, Moon and Ascendent were in at the time you were born.

Be uplifted, feel lighter, floating on a cloud of aromatherapy indulgence for your mind, body and soul


Essential Oils - bergamot, geranium rose, lavender, ylang ylang

Flower Essences - agapanthus, luculia

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