Baking & Raw Un-Baking

Baking & Raw Un-Baking

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Agar Agar 75g by LOTUS

Agar is extracted from certain marine algae. The basic seaweed raw material is gathered in many area..

$24.50 Ex GST: $24.50

Australian Almond Flour 250g by PEPO FARMS

Milled from cold pressed Almond kernels, this flour is ideal for baking your favourite cakes, biscui..

$8.45 Ex GST: $8.45

Australian Pumpkin Seed Flour 250g by PEPO FARMS

Gluten Free and perfect for vegans and vegetarians - 49% protein!Australia's first Pumpkin Seed Flou..

$8.75 Ex GST: $8.75

Baking Powder 125g by LOTUS

Just add two to two and a half teaspoons per cup of plain flour and use instead of self raising flou..

$7.20 Ex GST: $7.20

Banana & Cinnamon Wholefood Bread Mix 300g by MT. ELEPHANT

Having a balanced and healthy diet can sometimes feel harder than it needs to, and often when life g..

$9.95 Ex GST: $9.95

Banana Bread Mix 400g by THE GLUTEN FREE FOOD CO

The Gluten Free Organic Banana Bread Mix from Monica's Mixes contains 12 servings of this delicious,..

$14.95 Ex GST: $14.95

Beetroot Powder 170g by POWER SUPER FOODS

Good for you, good for the planetNot only are they colorful and full of flavour, beetroots are an an..

$39.95 Ex GST: $39.95

Bi-Carb Soda (Aluminium Free) 500g by LOTUS

Lotus Bi-Carb Soda is used in cooking and baking as a leavening agent and to neutralise the acids in..

$6.25 Ex GST: $6.25

Brewers Yeast 500g by LOTUS

Lotus brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is an inactive yeast, meaning the yeasts have been k..

$18.10 Ex GST: $18.10