Activated Granola Spirulina Peppermint 300g by BLISS FIT FOODS

Activated Granola Spirulina Peppermint 300g by BLISS FIT FOODS

Don’t let the green turn you off – it’s not like eating a mouthful of spinach! What you will taste is a mouthful of nutty goodness followed by a refreshing punch of mint. Every mouthful of our activated and raw Spirulina Peppermint Granola will surprise you.

At first you’ll taste the unique flavours of the clusters of nuts and seeds, followed by a subtle mint flavour. And the more you eat, the more the mint shines through!

This granola is a sneaky way to add some greens into your life and if we didn’t tell you this granola contained spirulina – you wouldn’t even know!


  • The nuts and seeds in the Spirulina Peppermint Granola are activated to remove naturally occurring phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, allowing your body to absorb maximum nutrients, then blended with organic spirulina powder, and dehydrated at a low temperature for 24 hours to keep it raw and retain all the nutrients.
  • Did you know, that Spirulina is an algae plant? Yep, it grows in the water! Spirulina is on average 60 percent protein and contains all the essential amino acids needed for human health.
  • Spirulina also contains a potent array of other beneficial nutrients including B vitamins (exceptionally high B-12), vitamin K, minerals (including calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, manganese, potassium, and zinc) and is an excellent source of  gamma-linolenic acid (GLA, an important fatty acid for heart and joints).
  • Peppermint oil is not only amazing for our breath, but is also a cooling agent for our bodies and along with encourages a healthy respiratory function.

Ingredients: Buckwheat*, sunflower seeds*, dates, pumpkin seeds*, coconut, almonds*, organic cashew*, organic spirulina powder, organic chia seeds*, organic peppermint essential oil.
*Seeds & nuts are ACTIVATED.

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