Decaf Coffee Ground (Plunger) 250g by SACRED GROUNDS

I'll be back Decaf Coffee Ground (Plunger) 250g by SACRED GROUNDS

Sacred Grounds Espresso Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee is an excellent choice if you are looking for a full flavoured decaffeinated alternative that tastes surprisingly "non-decaffeinated". They use organic and Fair trade compliant arabica beans, which are then prepared using a 100% chemical free process that leaves the coffee full flavoured, yet 99.9% caffeine free. 

The Swiss Water Process uses a combination of flavour charged water, carbon filters, and time to produce chemical free decaffeinated coffee. Green beans are placed in flavour charged water for approximately 8 hours. The concentration of flavour components in the green bean and the flavour charged water are the same, resulting in the extraction of the caffeine while leaving the flavour intact. For the duration of the soaking process the flavour charged water is continuously passed through the beans and through a carbon filter which is designed to absorb the caffeine while letting the flavour components freely pass through. 

Following the decaffeinating process, the caffeine is removed from the carbon filters and the flavour charged water is recycled to the beginning of the process.

Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee uses a mixture of beans from East Asia, Africa and Central/South America which are roasted in Australia. 

Certification: Australian Certified Organic-ACO.

Origin: Australian Processed from imported ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic decaffeinated coffee beans.

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