Allerge Capsules (60) by ORIENTAL BOTANICALS

-32% Allerge Capsules (60) by ORIENTAL BOTANICALS

EXPIRY: 01.2021

Herbal antihistamine traditionally used to relieve allergic symptoms.

Suitable for:

- Hay fever with sneezing, runny nose, itchy or dry eyes, nose and throat

- Eczema and hives with itchy and inflamed skin

- Food allergies and intolerance with nausea and digestive discomfort

- Suitable for children*

How it works?

Pollen, mould, dust and other mostly harmless substances can cause significant discomfort to an increasing proportion of the population. In response to these allergens, the immune systems of sensitive people produce large amounts of histamine contributing to many of the characteristic symptoms of allergies including sneezing, itching, redness and swelling. Commonly, allergy management includes blocking histamine, thus inhibiting the inflammatory response and associated symptoms.

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