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Bone Broth Sauce - Great Guts Mayo 375ml by GEVITYRX

Ever heard of a gut-friendly mayo? Well, you have now! Great Guts Mayo is egg free and made to love ..

$18.00 Ex GST: $18.00

Bone Broth Sauce - Total Tummy Turmeric Mayo 375ml by GEVITYRX

Total Tummy Turmeric harnesses the healing powers of our traditional mayo and supercharges it with a..

$18.00 Ex GST: $18.00

Brown Mustard 255g by EDEN

Pure, full flavor brown mustard, just three ingredients of the finest quality, nothing more: 1.) Can..

$8.50 Ex GST: $8.50

Chipotle Pickles 500g by HANDSOME DEVILS CO

Handsome Devils Co. Chipotle Pickle brings together Australian grown cucumbers, two quality vinegars..

$12.75 Ex GST: $12.75

Ginger Juice 147ml by THE GINGER PEOPLE

The Ginger People Organic Ginger Juice is a timesaving alternative to fresh or ground ginger. Splash..

$8.95 Ex GST: $8.95

Good Fat Mayo 280g by UNDIVIDED FOOD CO

Commercially produced mayonnaise products contain cheap and nasty industrial seed oils, usually in t..

$13.95 Ex GST: $13.95

Hemp & Macadamia Dukkah 90g by SUPER SEED HEMP FOODS

A modern Australian take on this Egyptian speciality spice blend.Dip an olive oil soaked piece of br..

$12.00 Ex GST: $12.00

Minced Garlic 220g by SPIRAL FOODS

Certified organic and ready to use.Ingredients: Organic garlic, organic vinegar...

$4.50 Ex GST: $4.50

Minced Ginger 220g by SPIRAL FOODS

Organic minced ginger - great in asian cooking!Organic Certification: ACO Ingredients: Organic ..

$4.50 Ex GST: $4.50

Olive Paste 220g by ROSNAY ORGANIC

Rosnay Organic Farms Kalamata olives are Tree ripened, certified organic produce, grown biodynamical..

$9.95 Ex GST: $9.95

Organic Beetroot Slices 340g by ABSOLUTE ORGANIC

Ingredients: Beetroots, vinegar, raw cane sugar, agave syrup, sea salt, onion powder, black pepper...

$5.45 Ex GST: $5.45

Pimp My Salad Cashew Parmesan 110g by EXTRAORDINARY FOODS

Cashews are the new Vegan Cheese!What is Cashew Parmesan? Pimp your salad – or any dish – with ..

$9.95 Ex GST: $9.05

Pimp My Salad Hemp Parmesan 120g by EXTRAORDINARY FOODS

What is Hemp Parmesan?With the highest percentage of protein in any plant based food and a high conc..

$9.95 Ex GST: $9.05