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85% Dark Chocolate 80g by LOVING EARTH

The team at Loving Earth have combined Coconut and Raw Cacao Beans to create this decadent, creamy, ..

$7.10 Ex GST: $6.45

Boobook Chocolate Eggs 100g by LOVING EARTH

Cashew mylk chocolate eggs filled with a soft caramel centre.Loving Earth have created a new raw veg..

$15.30 Ex GST: $13.91

Camu Camu Powder 50g by LOVING EARTH

The camu camu tree grows slowly along the rivers of the Peruvian Amazon, and after some years puts f..

$20.40 Ex GST: $20.40

Caramel Chocolate 80g by LOVING EARTH

Loving Earth’s Caramel Chocolate bars are made by hand in Melbourne using 35% virgin raw cacao butte..

$7.00 Ex GST: $6.36

Caramelised Cluster Buckinis 400g by LOVING EARTH

This ready-to-eat breakfast cereal from Loving Earth features crunchy clusters of buckwheat held tog..

$12.95 Ex GST: $12.95

Cashew Mylk Chocolate 80g by LOVING EARTH

Melbourne-based chocolate maker, Loving Earth, has created a plant-based cashew mylk block that they..

$6.90 Ex GST: $6.27

Chocolate Cluster Buckinis 400g by LOVING EARTH

Raw and powdered cacao, coconuts, currants and cranberries blend with activated buckwheat in this de..

$13.25 Ex GST: $13.25

Chocolate Coated Almonds 100g by LOVING EARTH

Crunch your way through the three equally delicious layers of these Chocolate Coated Almonds in Mylk..

$10.20 Ex GST: $9.27

Coconut Chips 250g by LOVING EARTH

Loving Earth’s Coconut Chips are thick, meaty flakes of organic dried coconuts that are perfect for ..

$7.10 Ex GST: $7.10

Coconut Chocolate Butter 175g by LOVING EARTH

Organic cacao powder and coconut oil blend in this smooth, richly chocolaty spread sweetened with lo..

$9.15 Ex GST: $9.15

Coconut Sugar 300g by LOVING EARTH

Loving Earth Coconut sugar is a healthy sweetener that’s better for your body – and better for the p..

$6.90 Ex GST: $6.90

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 450ml by LOVING EARTH

Loving Earth’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is processed much more gently than standard coconut oil to l..

$15.90 Ex GST: $15.90

Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate 30g by LOVING EARTH

Loving Earth’s Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate bars are almost half raw cacao for a potent dose of fla..

$2.95 Ex GST: $2.68