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Black Sesame Quinoa Crackers 65g by SPIRAL FOODS

Ingredients: Quinoa, black rice, black sesame, tapioca starch, tamari, brown rice syrup, potato..

$7.10 $1.50 Ex GST: $1.36

Black Sesame Rice Crackers 75g by SPIRAL FOODS

Ingredients: Black sesame seeds, brown rice, tamari (wheat free soy sauce), brown rice syrup, potato..

$5.99 Ex GST: $5.45

Brown Rice Vinegar 250ml by SPIRAL FOODS

Our organic Japanese Brown Rice Vinegar is a naturally fermented flavouring agent made from organic ..

$9.15 Ex GST: $9.15

Coconut Milk Reduced Fat 400ml by SPIRAL FOODS

Spiral Organic Coconut Milk. Ideal for Indian Currys as well as Asian Laksas.Ingredients: Organ..

$2.99 Ex GST: $2.99

Instant Red Miso Soup (10 Sachets) by SPIRAL FOODS

Instant Red Miso soup has a darker colour and richer miso flavour. Made with naturally fermented soy..

$13.99 Ex GST: $13.99

Instant White Miso Soup (10 Sachets) by SPIRAL FOODS

Instant White Miso soup is made from white miso which is light in colour and flavour. Made with natu..

$14.45 Ex GST: $14.45

Kuzu 100g by SPIRAL FOODS

Is one of Japan's important and time tested folk medicines. Kuzu helps alkaline ones system. It is a..

$15.40 Ex GST: $15.40

Minced Garlic 220g by SPIRAL FOODS

Certified organic and ready to use.Ingredients: Organic garlic, organic vinegar...

$4.50 Ex GST: $4.50

Minced Ginger 220g by SPIRAL FOODS

Organic minced ginger - great in asian cooking!Organic Certification: ACO Ingredients: Organic ..

$4.50 Ex GST: $4.50