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Alkalise Now is the Roll’s Royce of hydration and cleansing for the body. It’s not only natural spring water that is Alkaline, but it has the minerals that differentiate between artificially manipulated alkaline pure water (processed through machines originally derived from tap water) and our natural spring water. The key difference is with Alkalise Now is that it is a true spring. Meaning that it does actually come to the surface naturally. These days pretty well without exception all spring waters in Australia (both alkaline and non-alkaline) should really be called ‘bore waters’ as that is the true definition due to the fact that they have bores put down and are pumped to the surface. This is not the case with Alkalise Now, making it truly a unique and 100% natural product. Hence why we tend to attract a very loyal following as our customer base know it’s the real deal. This subtle but yet powerful point of difference leaves the electromagnetics of the water 100% intact. The other key factor is what is delivered today has been bottled in the last 48 hours directly from the spring north of Barrington. The PET (BPA Free) bottles have never seen sunlight as our whole distribution network is transported under cover which is incredibly important given that the PET plastic bottles we use only weakness are they don’t react well with sunlight.

Alkalise Now Natural Alkaline Spring Water has a silky mouthfeel taste and it is rich in essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and Chloride.  The natural alkalinity and essential trace minerals offer a range of health benefits and fast hydrating effect.

Naturally rich in minerals and oxygen, the extra hydration, detoxing and antioxidant effects will leave you feeling more energized and healthier than ever. Bottled at the source North of Barrington Tops, NSW, Australia under strict environmental processes, our Alkaline Spring Water is completely natural (not artificially modified) AND TASTES AMAZING. 

Water is the most IMPORTANT DECISION you can make for your HEALTH and ALKALISE NOW has the best natural combination of minerals and high pH, bringing to you a source of vitality and well being.

PLUS all of our bottles are BPA FREE!

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