Lemon Myrtle Sugar Free Drink 330ml by WORT ORGANIC

I'll be back Lemon Myrtle Sugar Free Drink 330ml by WORT ORGANIC

This carbonated soft drink provides the world's only fizzy soda that quenches thirst, has no aftertastes and satisfies the tastebuds of people on special diets.

Wort Organic 'Lemon Myrtle - No Sugar' uses Xylitol to provide sweetness. Xylitol is an extract originally derived from birch trees as an organic sugar substitute. Xylitol has been recognised in Europe for decades as having plaque reducing effects on your teeth, having less impact on a persons blood sugar levels and has 1/3 less calories than sugar.

Free from artificial colours and flavours, Lemon Myrtle is also gluten free. No High Fructose Corn Syrup is used in Wort Organic soft drinks.

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