Eros Love & Vitality Granola 200g by MINDFUL FOODS

Eros Love & Vitality Granola 200g by MINDFUL FOODS

Amore...this blend was carefully crafted by cupid! Feel the love flow from the very first mouthful!

Eros is a light, fruity blend with cranberries and pomegranate which tickle the tip of your tongue. It also has an undertone of smooth white chocolate thanks to the creaminess of cacao butter. 

The union of pomegranate and ginger encourage a flow of love-promoting hormones. While the increased blood flow stimulated by gingko, and increase in dopamine thanks to maca root and the sensuality of damiana, vanilla and rose. Make this a blend suitable and ideal for breakfast in bed!

In order to make these nutrients as available and digestible as possible we soak our nuts and seeds in a cultured and PH controlled solution in order to activate dormant nutrients. 

Ingredients: activated nuts and seeds (buckwheat*, pepitas*, and pecans*), coconut*, cranberries*, golden linseed*, puffed buckwheat*, raw local honey, brown rice malt syrup*, cacao butter*, raw macadamias*, pomegranate extract*, ginger*, red rose petals*, apple juice*, beetroot*, damiana shatavari, gingko, vanilla extract*. *= certified organic.  

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