Organic Horseradish Vinegar 350ml by AUSTRALIAN HARVEST

Organic Horseradish Vinegar 350ml by AUSTRALIAN HARVEST

Hay fever, sinusitis, cold and flu? They all cause inflammation of the mucus membrane which can lead to itching, red sore eyes, a dry throat and roof of the mouth and a nose that continues to run like a tap. The problem most people face is how to overcome these irritating side effects of the viral bombardment or the allergic effect of pollen and dust.

We at Australian harvest have combined the organically grown herbs, horseradish and garlic with a special combination of spices to help overcome the symptoms of hay-fever, sinusitis, colds and flu. The combination of these therapeutic herbs made into a beautiful tasting herb vinegar helps to dry sinuses and reduce inflammation helping you breathe freely.

Good quality vinegar has been used for centuries by herbalists to extract the therapeutic benefits from herbs. Australian Harvest horseradish vinegar tastes so good you can take it with a teaspoon three times per day or use it as the base for a delicious salad dressing.

Ingredients: Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Horseradish Garlic, Curcumax (Tumeric Extract), Bio-Grape Seed Extract & Spices.

*Certified Organic

Australian Harvest horseradish vinegar does not contain artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or animal by products and is packaged in glass because we care about the environment.

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