Reishi Mushroom 50g by TEELIXIR

Reishi Mushroom 50g by TEELIXIR

Reishi mushroom is one of the most revered and famous tonic herbs of all time. It is the most widely studied herb in the world and has been used in Asia for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system, relieve stress, increase vitality, and promote healthy aging and overall wellbeing. Reishi is often referred to as the "Supreme Protector” and “Mushroom of Immortality.” It’s ancient wisdom works to protect us on every level - physically, immunologically, mentally, and spiritually. Reishi contains anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties, and a high proportion of immune boosting components that works to regulate and fine tune the immune system. Reishi mushroom is a supreme adaptogenic herb that supports and regulates the immune system, protects the cardiovascular system, improves oxygen utilisation and liver function. It is precisely this activity that helps provide additional power and clarity for us to achieve a superior level of life. Reishi is the ultimate anti-stress herb. It has a long history of use in Ancient China by Taoist monks and sages for cultivating spiritual energy, reducing stress, calming the mind, and transforming negative energy in the body. With Reishi on our side we can adapt to life stresses more successfully with more confidence and less self-conscious. 100% log grown Reishi is more than twice as potent as any other variety of Reishi mushroom available.

Ingredients: Reishi Mushroom Extract 10:1*

*Semi-wild and 100% log grown Reishi mushroom fruiting body. No added grains, fillers, starch, or mycelium!

Teelixir Reishi grows organically in the pristine mountain ranges of China far from any industrial pollution in a semi-wild environment. The semi-wild cultivation process simulates the wild Reishi’s growing conditions where the mushroom can accumulate food and energy naturally. This method produces mushrooms with a chemical profile closely similar to the wild material. Once the fruiting bodies are fully matured our Reishi undergoes a process of dual-extraction using water and organic ethanol. Organic ethanol is used to extract the adaptogenic terpenes while the hot water extracts the immune-modulating beta-glucans. This is to ensure that we extract the full-spectrum of healing compounds, both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents from the Reishi mushroom. This product is completely safe for children. Less than 100 ppm of the organic ethanol remains in the extract.

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